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- Chapter 7
~ A White Christmas For The Feral Princess

The king was asleep on his bed. His bride was behind him. It was nice and warm under the feather comforters. His eyes flew open as heard the door quietly creek open, it was a sound that stalked his nightmares.

There was the patter of bare feet and then the wumpf of a body landing on the bed.
"Morning!" said Solara brightly as she bounced slightly.

"Good morning, my dearest daughter," said Leonard, rolling over and sitting up. She might have the body of an eighteen year old, but her mind was much younger. She had been completely neglected and abused by the Kidnapper and in many ways she was developmentally behind. The headmistress of the orphanage and the tutors were praising her often and she was making progress. She was a little big for these morning attacks, but he didn't have it in his heart to reprimand her. He had missed her so much and this gave her such joy and he didn't really mind it either.

She enveloped him in one of her wonderful hugs. Then she sat up and said "White!"

"Complete sentences, dear, please," Mama reminded her as sat up. Solara had a tendency to use just one or two words when talking. They were encouraging her to use complete sentences.

Solara sat for a moment formulating her thoughts. "It's all white outside. It's so pretty. What is it?"

Rebecca smiled. "That's snow, dear."

"Snow," said Solara slowly trying out the new word on her tongue.

"Do you want to play in it? It's fun." said Leonard.

"Dear," said Rebecca admonishingly, but he didn't care. He was the king and his daughter had never played in snow before and he was going to fix that himself. He put on a robe and slippers and walked to the garden door. They had moved to the garden level now that the kidnapper was dead and their miracle baby home.

He opened the door and scooped some up and licked it to show that it was edible. He held out his hand. Solara came over and licked some too. "Cold.... It's cold." she corrected herself.

"Yes, and soft." He took her hand and dumped the snow on her hand.

"Ooh," she cooed, fascinated.

"But you can make it hard." He closed her hand around the snow to make a small snowball.

"And you can throw it too. If you want a snowball fight," called Eugene as he appeared at his garden door. He tossed a snowball lightly at them. It splattered in a flurry of flakes against the door. Solara squealed as the cold snow settled on her.

"Oh yeah," said Leonard with a smile. He gathered up a double handful of snow and returned fire. Rebecca and Solara snuck out the other door and soon Eugene was caught in a crossfire and surrendered.

"Oh, you got me." He staggered out dramatically and fell over. Solara rushed over, concerned, and found him making a snow angel. She flopped down and made one too. Their wings just touching.

They all worked together to quickly make a snowman with rocks and twigs to make the face and arms. But they were all shivering by the time they were done. Solara wrapped herself in her hair to keep warm. They went back into the royal bedroom and found servants had laid out fresh clothes, built up the fire and a nice breakfast with tea and hot chocolate. The women went into the dressing room to change as the men went to their respective rooms.
The fun of snow.
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Rapunzel13 Featured By Owner Dec 30, 2012  Student General Artist
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Rapunzel13 Featured By Owner Dec 31, 2012  Student General Artist
Your welcome
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<3 Oh, the fun of snow! So adorable, this was!
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