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Walking with the Wolf

The wolf watched the old lady in her garden. Desiring her to come closer that he may sink his teeth into her throat.
She was the witch that had hunted his pack until he alone remained. Now he had hunted her and had found her lair. A cottage in a hollow deep in the dark forest. But how to get close enough to take her without her using her magic against him.
He looked around.
He saw a figure in red coming up the path. He was curious why would anyone come close to the witch.
Staying carefully out of sight he loped through the forest and found a girl walking carefully on the path carrying a basket and a long thin stick she was sweeping the ground in front of her with. He stopped near a large tree and dropped his haunches to the leave covered ground, snapping a twig in the process.
“G-grandma, I-is that you?”
He snarled at himself berating at himself.
The girl’s hooded head swiveled around to where he was.
“I-I know your there. Please say something. Who are you?”
He thought to have a bit of fun with her and answer, humans always ran once they knew   a wolf was close.
“I am Runner in Storms.”
The girl stood still, shivering.
“Y-you’re w-who?” asked the girl in a shaking voice.
“You… understand me?”
“Um, yeah, but you sound strange. What are you?”
“Can you not see I am a wolf?” He stood and walked closer to the girl.
She pulled back her hood and he could see the milky whites that were her eyes. There was a exhalation of breathe, “Can you not see that I am blind?” The bitterness in that voice smacked him in the snout.
Then she chuckled ruefully.
“What amuses you?” he asked.
“Everything. Nothing. Here am I trading witty barbs with a wolf in the forest on my way to my own death so that my village may buy another year of peace and prosperity.”
“The witch desires payment for services and her payment is a young man or woman of eighteen each year.”
“What happens to them?”
“What do you think?”
“That is wrong.”
The girl shrugged.
“Is you pack so weak that they cannot protect their own?”
“I know not, but I do know they didn’t want me. I am blind and useless. They may be sacrificing me to the witch, but I am no sacrifice for them.”
“Do not even your parents love you?”
“No…well maybe, a little, but not lately. They knew and they withdrew from me. It doesn’t matter.” She paused, her voice was thick. “They couldn’t even stay with me last night. They left me all alone, when I really wanted someone to be with me. Mother gave me this basket of food for lunch and they gave me hugs before…. They were crying. Their tears have dried on my cheeks.” She sighed. “I wish I could have my thing, I would feel braver with it. Some children stole it and I miss it so, it was comforting.”
“Your…thing?” The wolf asked.
“It didn’t have a name or anything. At best it was a…toy. It was hard and soft, rough and smooth. Father made it for me and it was mine. But it is gone and so is my life. It doesn’t matter anymore, nothing does.”
“But it is right there in your basket.” The wolf said.
The girl went totally still.
“That thing you describe is in your basket.”
She sat heavily on the ground and with shaking hands she rummaged through the basket and pulled out the thing. She moved her hands all over it, she brought it to her face and touched it to her cheeks and lips and she smelled it.
“I think, I understand now. They were gone looking for it, so I would have it. It was in the swamp, and they cleaned it and made it beautiful again.” Tears leaked down her cheeks.
The wolf cocked his head, trying to understand. It looked like a stick with some bark on one side and smooth wood on another wrapped with some old rabbit fur.
“You humans are strange.”
She laughed, a laugh that had actual joy in it. “I am stranger then strange.”
“So what would you do now? Do you still wish to die?”
Her smiled faded. “I never wanted to die. My life may be full of pain but I do not wish to leave just yet., not when I know my parents love me so much.”
“The witch feeds on your pack. She has fed on mine as well, until only I remain. I would feed on her.” He growled.
“The witch should be stopped but what can a blind girl and a lone wolf do against such power.”
The wolf paced back and forth. “I know not. I do know that my fangs in her throat will stop her magic, but I do not know how to get close enough.”
“I will be close enough but I have no fangs.”
The wolf growled in frustration then curled onto the forest floor next to the girl.


Red Riding Hood paused as she could heard the shape of the forest change. She must have reached the hollow of the witch. She took a breathe to prepare herself. What she was prepared to do was far beyond anything she had ever tried. She was very scared, but she was going to try to do this for her family.
She felt the path turn under her switch and followed it. Her steps crunched under the fallen leaves. She walked like she had always done, careful of her balance, but as she heard the shape of the cottage come up before her and the clang of a wooden spoon on an iron pot she deliberately missed her step and fell.
The crunch of leaves reached around the hollow and she knew more of the shape of the place.
“Grandma, Grandma! Please. I’ve fallen. I need help.”
She heard steps and the creak of a door, then footsteps. The was a voice coming from above her as she groped around in the leaves.
“So it’s you. Why am I not surprised they foisted you off as soon as they could.”
Red felt a cold hand on hers. As she rose up into a crowch Red waved with the other and it was caught too.
That gave her all the location information she needed.
Red lowered her head pushed off with all the power of the legs and smashed the top of her head into the witches face.
For the first time Red saw lights but amid the pain she held on tight to the cursing witch.
“Insolent child!”
Red spun and dropped so the two of them were on the ground on their backs. The witch grunted from the impacts.
Then there was a low growl
“No! Don’t! Let Go!”
The witch’s hands pulled but Red held on for all she was worth. There was a scream, a crunch and gurgling sounds. She could smell what was happening, glad for the first time that she could not see.
The hands jerked, then weakened, and finally stopped.
There was a hot breathe on her cheek, then a lick on her cheek.
“It is over. You can let go now.” Said the wolf gently.
It took some time for her to unclench her hands but finally she sat up.
“You are brave, young one.”
“Thank you.” She reached out and she felt the wolf put his head under her hand and she scratched his head.
“It is dark now.” The wolf told her.
“So? It is always dark for me.”
It was quiet for a moment then something dropped into her lap. He had given her back her thing.
“Thank you.”
“I will guide you home.”
“Thank you, again.”
She stood and they began to walk. With small motions and touches, he guided her. Walking with the wolf Red Riding Hood returned home.
Dinner with Mother

Elsa waited quietly with her hands in her lap as Kai placed dinner before her and her mother.
Mother was with her today, her parents took turns so they could spend time with Anna and herself.
Elsa felt it was stupid to do it this way, but then she was the one to ask to do it this way. She always became so scared when she was with Anna. If Anna ever learned that she had hurt her. Elsa was certain Anna would hate her forever, and she didn’t want that. Elsa loved her sister so much. Yet every time she saw her sister she had to run away to her room, to keep her safe. But there was no way to make Anna understand, because she couldn’t tell her or anyone she had powers.
Kai placed plates of cod in butter sauce, sauerkraut and roast vegetables in front of her mother and herself then retreated from the dining room.
“You may take off your gloves dear. Your hands need to breathe.”
“Yes, Mother.” Elsa said.
After taking a sip of her wine, Mother asked, “How was your lesson with the tutor today?”
“Good.” Elsa said as she poked a beet with her fork, pushing it around her plate a little.
Mother frowned, but Elsa was sure if it was her answer or the beet.
“Did you learn anything interesting?”
“Yes, we finally started talking about the history of China instead of just how much iron, rice, salt and other goods they produce. That was so boring. But their history is fascinating. Did you know a girl once stole her father’s armor, destroyed a Hun army, saved the emperor and married the general?” Elsa finished excitedly.
“Why no, dear, but that sounds very brave.” Mother said with a wonderful smile, then she glanced down and frowned. Elsa’s insides clenched, there was layer of frost over her silverware and the beet on the end of the fork was frozen solid.
“I’m sorry.” Said Elsa as she dropped her eyes.
“I know, dear.” Mother came to her side of the table and wrapped her arms around her.
Elsa put her head on her mother’s shoulder. “I just get excited or something. Can I put the gloves back on?”
“No. Not yet. I know the gloves help but you really should try to do it without them. I know you can.“
“I’m trying. I’m trying so hard, but I keep forgetting sometimes.”
“I know, but that is why you have to practice controlling it without them.”
“Just until dinner is over, at least. Come eat up.”
Mother went back to her meal as did Elsa.
Elsa didn’t really feel like eating, but ate anyway. By the time dinner was nearly over the beet she had frozen was thawed enough to eat, though the middle still crunched nicely between her teeth.
Elsa gratefully slipped her gloves back on. She did need to learn better to control her powers, but sometimes, most of the time now, she was needing the gloves to keep her powers concealed.
“Go read for a while, your father and I will be in to tuck you in later.” Said Mother after another hug.
“Okay.” Elsa replied as she went to her room, alert for her sister lurking about. Elsa moved quickly down the hall and quickly shut the door behind her, but not before seeing Anna coming around the other corner. Elsa kept her back against the door for a while until she was certain that Anna wasn’t there anymore. She took up her book and sat. Reading didn’t help much but it filled in the time.
Elsa wished she could sleep but she had to control her powers and they slipped out sometimes at night, so she tried to sleep as little as she could. It was bad enough waking up with her bed filled with snow, but sometimes she would have a nightmare and her whole room would be covered in ice and snow.
No, she had a duty to protect her family and her kingdom from herself. Losing a little bit of rest is a small price to pay.
Loved - Dinner with Mother
Elsa has some quality time with her mother.
Redeemed - Morning

Prince Eric woke to his arm tingling. He shifted slightly and the blood began to flow to his fingers again. He felt his wife slide her arm across his chest holding him close. He smiled gently as he looked down on the bright red head of his bride.
What a month it had been. From feeling helpless and hopeless of ever retrieving his family to meeting the love of his life, fighting a massive sea witch, and meeting with the King of the Ocean.
It was understandable that Aunt Rapunzel and her family left to return to Corona, but after the incident with the spoon during dessert the first week… it was best for the younger children to be somewhere else until he and Ariel were able to tone things down a bit.
That talk with Aunt Rapunzel, Uncle Eugene, Grimsby and Carlotta had him blushing like never before, but Ariel was game to try anything. Taking off each other’s clothes had taken quite a lot of time, not that the kissing was bad but his hands were shaking while deliberately taking off her dress and she didn’t have much experience with buttons. They had been kind and gently with each other until they were able to come together as husband and wife. They had experimented a lot to come to know each other, not everything worked but they learned what did, so they got better at it.
But not only that but they spent a lot of time talking quietly looking out over the ocean from the balcony or on a picnic as they actually got to know each other. Eric was deeply humbled by her desire to be human and with him specifically as he came to know that she has family and a kingdom under the sea.
They had gone out to visit, but it couldn’t be the same since she was human and wanted to stay human, even though her father’s trident could turn her back into a mermaid. King Triton actually said he knew hell because his uncle was Hades, Lord of the Underworld, with whom he visited from time to time. While hell wasn’t exactly part of Hades’ domain it could be reached by King Triton using the trident. But he would never let the trident go to hell because it was too powerful a weapon to be allowed there except in his own hand, but he had a kingdom to lead. Eric understood that, which was why he had to do this sooner then later.
He had told Ariel of his own history and she was more than supportive and was willing to join in the adventure.
Reflecting in the early morning light he realized that for the first time in forever it felt like things were moving forward.
Then Ariel whimpered in her sleep and she dragged her hand from his chest to her stomach, as she lay curled up on his chest. He moved his hand up her waist to her back and held her close.
“Seashell, wake up. What’s wrong?” He asked.
Ariel’s eyes opened, “I don’t feel so good.”
Then she barfed all over his chest.
Ariel looked at him and asked in a shaky voice, “What’s happening?”
“Ah, okay you are throwing up. Your body is just trying to get rid of something that doesn’t agree with it. Generally, it isn’t a big deal.” He was racking his brain to think if any of the food from last night had tasted funny or if they had met anyone sick recently.
“Oh, no.” She said as he tried reaching for the chamber pot under the bed.
“Someone help us!” Eric called.
A maid opened the door and saw the princess spewing across the prince and the bed. She grabbed a decorative bowl from the table by the door and rushed over.
When the latest bout was over, the maid said, “I’ll get help.”
She rushed out the door and Eric could hear her shoes ringing against the floor.
“You’re going to be okay.” Eric was thinking it should be about over. Most of the time if he ate something bad it would take a few tries to get everything up but he’ll start feeling better almost immediately.
“I’m scared. It feels like I am turning inside out. Worse then what Ursula did to me.” She said and got herself onto her knees, then with a hand on her throat and her eyes rolled back in her head, she gave a long series of ripping vocalizations that finally brought up a small gob of greenish phlegm, before collapsing against him again.
“Please, I don’t want to die.” Ariel said in a quiet shaking voice. Her hand clutched at his chest but it felt weaker. Sweat glistened across her face.
“You are not going to die.” Eric asserted but he wasn’t so sure now. People did die though usually not so quickly but that last one sounded like she was trying to bring up her lungs.
Ariel was panting trying to control whatever was happening to her. She bit her lip, and panted, “I love you.” But he felt a warm stream against his leg as she got onto her knees again and bent over him he could feel the muscles in her sides ripple as she silently attempted to vomit. His mind was begging her to just bring something up, but nothing came from her mouth.
“Someone! Get! In! Here! NOW!” Eric roared in his shipboard voice, a voice that rattled the windows.
Grimsby, Carlotta, the doctor and the maid came rushing in as Ariel just collapsed across him.
“Please, just make it stop.” Ariel begged him between pants. The terrible panic and weakness in her eyes frightened him like little else ever had.
“What’s happening?” someone asked.
“She was asleep and then she started throwing up, now she is trying to but nothing is coming up anymore, but it looks like she is trying to bring up her toes. Please, do something.”
Carlotta began massaging the exposed back of the princess. Grimsby was recoiling from the mess  the doctor was knelling in to get a good look at Ariel’s face.
A look on anguish came upon her face as her mouth opened again. Eric held her close for an eternity of seconds as Ariel tried to vomit once more but she again brought up nothing. All she could do now was sob weakly as she collapsed in his arms.
“What’s happening?” Eric asked.
“We don’t know enough yet.” The doctor said. “What did she eat last?”
Carlotta rattled off the menu from last night and said, “But Eric had it too, the chef tasted everything and I even had some of the leftovers. We’re all fine.”
“Have they been with anyone whose become ill recently?”
“They’ve barely left the bedroom for the last three days.”
Then Ariel took a deep breath and sighed.
“Are you okay, dear?”
“A little better I think.” Ariel replied then she flopped onto her back and Eric quickly covered her as Grimsby turned around blushing as the maid brought out towels.
The doctor checked her pulse and her eyes. “She seems to be recovering.”
“What was happening to me? I felt like I was transforming into something terrible.” Asked Ariel.
“You were throwing up, dear, but we are not sure why yet.” Said Carlotta. “How are you feeling now?”
“Better. A little weak. That was a lot of work.”
“Here now, let’s get you cleaned up.” Said Carlotta as she helped the princess up and the maid wrapped a towel around her.
Eric took his towel and stepped around the mess as the door closed behind the women.
“So, any ideas?” Eric asked the doctor.
The doctor looked away as he thought, “Several, but I am trying to eliminate as many as I can. For now we will have to wait and see.”
Then Carlotta came back into the room. “Have you figured it out yet?”
“Um.” Eric said and Grimsby looked bewildered.
“It is too early to be sure but at a guess I would say she is pregnant.”
“Pregnant!?” the men chorused.
“My mother was a midwife and there was one woman who nearly died because she was vomiting all the time. It was worse then this but this seemed similar. She’s a skinny little thing so we are going to have to feed her as much as she can hold while we can.”
“Is she going to be alright?” asked Eric.
“Probably, this shouldn’t last more then a a few months. Giving birth is the dangerous part.” Said Carlotta matter-of-factly.
“We’ll take good care of both of you.” Assured the doctor.


Author’s note: For some reason I just think that Ariel would have some issues with her pregnancies. Hyperemesis gravidarum seemed like a good considering what Kate Middleton has gone through.
Anna was determinedly searching the castle. She had heard Gerda and Kai mention a ballroom.  
Why hadn’t she found it before? She’d been all over the dark, creepy castle looking for things to do.
Had her stinker of a sister been hiding it from her?
Anna sighed. She didn’t think so, until recently they had been together in everything. There was a whole room filled with balls around here somewhere. If she found it then she could share it with Elsa and they could have fun together again.
Anna slide down the bannister to the main floor. She’d start there just to be sure. She raced from door to door looking for the balls. How hard was it to fine  a room full of balls?
Anna nearly ran into Danica the maid as she raced to another room. She almost sloshed the bucket of dirty water as she tried not to hit the princess. The maid was looking a little worse for wear. Danica had pinned a white apron to her teal dress but it was wet and dirty. Over her arm was a limp, wet towel.
“Dear heavens, princess. Whatever is the matter?”
“I’m looking for the balls.” Anna said breathlessly.
“Oh, aren’t they in your room? I put them back there yesterday.”
“Yeah, but those are my regular balls. There are more balls around here and if I can find them then maybe Elsa with play with me.” Anna wrung her hands together.
Danica gave her a long sad look, then glanced at her braid with the white streak. “I hope you find them. I haven’t seen any extra balls lately, though I have spent the day cleaning the floor.”
“Yes, really. Come see.” Danica swung the door open completely.
It was a large open room, with columns around the outside. “Careful, dear, the floor is still wet in places.”
“Okay. I’ll be careful.” Anna said as she stood on the threshold.
There were heavy, dark curtains covering the windows here too. Anna wished it didn’t have to be so dark all the time. But there was a small gap between two curtains and a small ray of late afternoon sunshine was gently streaking through the darkness, illuminating specks of suspended dust.
“That’s good dear. I’ll be off to dump this dirty water. Have a good day, princess. I hope you find your balls.”
“It looks so nice. Thank you.”

* * *

Danica gave the little princess a curtsy and hefted the bucket and started for the kitchen. She didn’t really know what to do with the littlest princess of Arendelle. One day she had a white streak in her hair, the staff was reduced and the castle gates, windows and doors were locked.
They had kept Kai, Gerda, and a handful of others on but now the castle was so empty and sad.
She rarely saw the Crown Princess Elsa any more, though she often had to set up a room for lessons. Princess Anna seemed to wander around unsupervised most of the day.
Her family had been scared for weeks but nothing happened and so things continued on in this new normal.  She remained somewhat frightened because she just didn’t know what to do. No one dared speak of the change in Princess Anna’s hair out of respect, but they often walked on eggshells around her because they had no idea what to expect.
Danica tried to treat the child with the respect a princess deserved, though lately her heart has softened because Princess Anna seemed so lost and lonely.
She just wished she knew what to do so she could do it right.
She staggered into the kitchen.
“Hi, Danica. Another dirty bucket?” asked the chef.
“Good, the herbs need a bit more, on the left side, put it there.”
“Okay.” Danica lugged the bucket out the garden door and turned left. She plunked the bucket down and flexed her hands. They were a little numb for carrying the bucket so far. Usually she would have a page carry it but with everyone gone…. Well, she would do as much as she could herself.
Gerda focused on the royal family, Kai took care of interfacing with the people of Arendelle. Everyone had immense workloads now, even the royal family, but why?
Why did it have to be like this?
What were the royal family trying to do?
What was the point, it had been so much easier before?
What had happened to Princess Anna?
She was different somehow now.
You can learn important lessons from the most diverse places. I have a book on typography that is amazing, because of the passion and insight of the author-designer. I try to find and read great books, and while the process of finding them is often difficult, sometimes you come across true treasures.

"Drawn To Life vol1" by Walt Stanchfield is a great book.

I was looking for a book on drawing because I want to learn how to draw storyboards, a useful if secondary skill when becoming a director. 

Walt spent decades at Disney, animating and giving master classes. I rather wish I was good enough at something that I could give a master class on the subject, but anyway. Really I am not in his target market, they already know how to draw, they just need focus and refinement. I have some clue, given that I took a drafting class in high school, but these are to people who drew all the time and well enough to become animators at Disney.

He talks about how animation is often about caricature, stretching and squashing things to their limits, drawing actions, animating verbs and not nouns. It goes back to show vs tell, but he puts some nuance on the subject.

I think as a writer I have done that with my characters as well, but in different ways. Not in shape but emotion. For myself I often get caught up in the emotion of what I write (which has certain downsides) but I try to feel it as strongly as I can so I can have the character express it as powerfully as I can. 

Sure I can write "He was sad."
But you don't feel it. However, if I write something more like, "He took a short sharp breathe. He shut his eyes and tried to suck the wetness on his eyeballs back inside. He dared not think. He picked up the pen and began to unscrew it. It took moments but he soon field stripped it and then reassembled it, counting each simple so as not to think, or remember how much it hurt to hear the barking of a dog and it was not Charlie, and never would be again."
While we can relate to sad, we can relate more deeply to the feelings and actions of a character.

I read so I can take a few hours to learn lessons it took others decades to learn. 


Knight with a Shiny Keyboard
United States
I am a writer. I deeply enjoy writing fan fiction, mostly Disney right now. I write deep epic stories, that are very intimate and rich in detail.

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Here is a page with links to all the audio versions of the chapters

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