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Loved - Bathtime

Elsa sighed. She wished her emotions would make sense sometimes.

Anna and Mother had left for Corona, and Elsa could not find herself comfortable with that fact. On the one hand she was glad Anna was far away from her, she would be safe that way. On the other, however, she couldn’t be there to watch out for her precious little sister and keep her safe.

She had wish she could have gone but she wasn’t feeling in control enough lately, she was hurting all the time. Mother and Father said it was just a growth spurt.

Gerda had left some food for her in her room so she could eat as she needed. She was so hungry all the time lately. They said she needed extra food while she grew, but her elbow and knees hurt so much sometimes.

She didn’t make much fuss over it, because she deserved pain, but she had banged her knee on the table leg at dinner and had collapsed onto her chair. It had hurt so much she thought she had broken it. But no, it was fine. But Father had ordered a bath to help her relax, which sounded nice.

Danica had set the fire and filled the water. Now Elsa was alone so she could take off the gloves. She remembered taking bathes with Anna, that had ben so much fun. They had loads of fun without powers, well, she used them a little to cool the bath to a temperature Anna liked, but she did it without anyone noticing.

Now she didn’t dare use her powers anywhere near her sister, because who knew what might trigger whatever leftover magic was inside Anna.

No, she could not think about Anna. Elsa knew thinking about Anna would only make it harder to control her powers.

“Conceal, don’t feel. Don’t feel.” She whispered to herself to try and center herself to let the feelings pass.

Once she felt calm, she took off everything but her shift and then tested the water. It was fine.

Seeing the soap would be out of reach when she entered the tub she picked it up but her hand was slippery from the water still and after a brief juggle to control it, the soap shot toward the tub. She was busy trying to catch the soap but not so busy as to not berate herself for all the stupidity she was showing. Fearing she would make an awful racket and mess.
Crashing into the tub, she caught herself on the edge, pain shot into her joints from the jarring stop, and her powers froze the tub solid.

Elsa caught her breathe and sat on her heels. She looked at her hands, “Stupid, useless, bother. Now, how am I going to get clean anymore?”

Elsa wondered if she would even be able to sauna anymore. The steam would condense on her so much they worried she was sweating too much. This was so stupid.
She had stupid powers and stupid problems and a stupid life.
She leaned her head against the cold edge of the frozen tub and tried not to feel the fact that nothing ever went right anymore.
Loved - Bathtime
Author’s note: With Elsa’s powers getting out of hand, even simple things like bathing could become an issue for her.
Tummy Troubles

“I know this is hard, but you are good people. I do not think you are less than I because you are craftsmen. You do things I cannot. The important thing is that I can see that you are good people, striving to help not just yourselves but others. That is the thing, isn’t it? The only way I can know if you are good or bad is how you treat others. Thank you for coming, but I think it is time to close the gates again.” Said the King of Arendelle.

The small crowd of craftsmen who had come with their petitions bowed to the king and the princess.

He watched as Elsa, The Crown Princess of Arendelle curtsied, which was a good way to not touch them, it gave her some space. She also smiled pleasantly and several of the men smiled back.

She still did not have much of a role to play in these meetings, but it was her duty to learn from her father how to rule. It was an easy enough duty, to stand by her father’s elbow and watch the people, but that was actually fairly important.

So they were gone and the King and his daughter left the rich warm throne room for the residence level on the top floor.

“Good day, Danica.” Said the King as they passed the maid. Who bowed her head and curtsied.

As they were partway up the first flight the king asked his daughter, “So who do you think was in charge of that group of people?”

Elsa thought for a moment a few steps passing under her soft slippers. “I would say the blacksmith, he was the one out front and talking the most.”

“Yes, he does look imposing. But was he steering the conversation? Did he bring up the important points?”

Elsa let the banister slide under her gloved hand as they walked over the landing to the next level.

“No, that would have been the sleigh wright . He was near the back and while he didn’t talk often, the conversation took a different direction every time.”

“Very good. You were paying attention. That is very important. I might have been facing the blacksmith but it was the sleigh wright I was talking to.”

“Oh. That is very complicated.” She said.

“Yes, it can be. That is why it is helpful to have someone else watching the group. I’ll teach you some signals so we can communicate without speaking.”

“Yes, Papa.”

“Good girl.”

They reached the residence level.

He noticed that she was looking a little tired, “You can take some quiet time in your room now until dinner. You did so very well, I am proud of you.”

He wished she would let them touch her again, to give her hugs and show her love, but she was trying to protect them.

“Yes, Papa. Thank you, Papa.” Said his little girl as she went into her room.

He sighed, he wished he knew how to do this right. He had expected it to take weeks, maybe months for her to learn how to control her powers better. But the months had stretched into years and Elsa seemed to get control then lose it again. He had encouraged her to try different methods since what they were doing wasn’t successful enough but she seemed locked into their first ideas. Something needed to change, but hey had not been able to think of anything yet. Many think needed to change, but how to do any of them.

* * *

Elsa leaned against the door, holding it closed until she heard her father walk away. Hunched over, with her arms around her middle she went around her bed, pulled out the chamber pot and barfed breakfast and snow into it.

The acrid smell filled her nostrils, biting her lip, she froze the pot completely so it wouldn’t stink up her room and alert anyone to her issues.

She pulled herself up the side of the bed, got a handkerchief from the side table, wiped her eyes of tears and her face of sweat and picked up one of the rolls she had asked for. She ripped it open and bit into a chunk, the crisp crust shattering against her teeth and the soft, white crumb sweet against her tongue, cooling the acid from her stomach.

She picked up the little snowman doll and told it, “I don’t know how to do it all, anymore. Now I need to learn yet another language so I can speak to Papa in front of them without them knowing. I still have so much to learn about the crafts and then all the things about other countries so I can talk to them too.

“I’m never going to be any good as a princess, much less a queen. If I’m not a good queen Arendelle will be destroyed. If I don’t control my powers our people will kill me and Anna may be hurt again.”

Elsa felt it coming. She grabbed a pillow and curled herself around it as the sobs came.
Loved - Tummy Trouble
Elsa has some issues with stress.
Breaking the Spell

Aurora and Phillip were in the forest, dancing as they always did. Their children napping on the picnic blanket. There was such a deep comfort of being together and away from the hubbub of the court. Having some time to be themselves again.
She didn’t try to be a good queen as some people tried to force her to be, she just tried to be a good person with the powers of a queen. It still frightened her, sometimes, at what she could command. It also annoyed her at all the things she could not do. Phillip confided in her that he chafed at those as well. So they would come to the forest to put the weigh down and center themselves with what it meant to be alive and happy.
Phillip leaned in and kissed her. She melted into his embrace and then felt a tingle rushe away from her lips and down her body. She knew that feeling. She was coming free of a spell.
She remembered, Maleficent had returned, and placed her under a spell. Now she was rescued again. It was annoying that she could do nothing to help herself, but she was content that Phillip was with her again.
The Queen Aurora opened her eyes with a smile. Then she blinked, the face before her was not her Phillip’s. With a mighty shove she tossed the man across the room.
There were others in the room. She rolled away and scrambled to her feet, ready to defend herself as Phillip and others had trained her.
“Mom!” cried the man she had thrown across the room.
She stopped and looked at him, and blinked. She knew the voice and the face was… different, but she knew him.
“Yes, Mom, its me, your son. You and everyone were under a spell. We finally broke it. You’re free.”
“Oh my baby, I’m sorry.” They rushed together and hugged. He was so tall now and the armor was hard but she knew how to handle it from all the times Phillip was in it. She and Rapunzel and the others had speculated that true love didn’t require romantic love, and now they had proof that it didn’t.
“Eric, you’re so big. How long?”
“Nearly ten years.”
Aurora nodded, the last time was to have lasted indefinitely or at least a century until Phillip was released. “Well done, my son.”
“We’re not quite out of the woods yet. The castle is still in hell, so we have to get home.”
Aurora nodded again. “And who’s this?”
“You should remember Chedrick.”
Yes, she remembered her sister’s adoptive son.
“Chedrick? My, you have grown and a wizard too?”
“Yes, ma’am.”
The floating form slowly spun behind him and as it turned she saw who it was.
“And you have captured Maleficent?”
“Yes, and more then that we have captured her heart. Which gives us everything we need to apply justice to her.” He produced a small jar from his robes and a beating heart was moving within it. She didn’t understand the dark and light striations that heart had but just then alarms began to sound.
A good day to watch Hunchback of Notre Dame.
Winter Solstice

Elsa opened her eyes and could only see darkness.  It was so very quiet.
She was pretty sure she was awake, but it was so dark it was hard to be sure. She rolled onto her back and brought her arms out from under the thick feather comforter. Biting her lip, she formed a glowing snowball. She tried not to do magic but sometimes she just had to.
It was definitely still night as she padded over the cold floor to the window. There was no moon but the Milky Way climbed into the crystal clear sky. There was snow everywhere of course, almost two meters deep in places.
She hoped Odin had come through Arendelle already. Odin would be so majestic riding across the land on his reindeer, delivering gifts to families everywhere.
She had a few gifts of her own to set out. Using her powers she created a staircase to the top of her wardrobe, a place no one would ever look because it was too high for her to reach. She took up the box and lowered herself to the floor again.
She had kept it hidden from everyone, it was supposed to be a surprise. She had saved a few pieces of firewood and had used her powers to carve figures from the wood. She had started with a knife but that was so slow and then she had cut herself. Not badly but enough to put her off from something so dangerous.
She had made a ship for Papa and a horse for Mama, but for her dear sister she had made a little family for the doll house.
She went over to her door, which creaked loudly as she opened it to the empty corridor.
Hopefully the toymaker had been able to get that done and delivered on time. She had asked her parents to arrange that, but they decided to call the toymaker to the castle and make the request herself. It wasn’t that it was hard to do those things but to make sure that her powers didn’t get away from her while people were about.
Letting the glowing, magic snowball bob above her, she padded quietly to the library.
This time she before she opened the door she put her hand to the door and the parts to the hinges were encased in a thin layer of ice. The door opened silently and she slipped inside. Seeing the large shadow under the tree she rushed over and saw that it was the dollhouse she had commissioned for her sister, it was three stories tall, round and blue in the light of her powers. Smiling, she put her present to Anna in front of it.
She looked around a little and found several other presents for Anna and herself and her parents. It looked like Odin had come to Arendelle, and found them worthy. The snowball pulsed a brighter light. She wanted to squeal with joy, but she didn’t want anyone to know she was out of bed.
She caught the snowball in her hands to cover it and made it smaller so it didn’t glow so brightly.
Then she snuck back to her room.
# # #
Knock, knock, knockity, knock.
“Elsa come on wake up!
Odin must have left us presents.
Please open up.
I made you a present too.
Are you even in there?
Maybe you are opening presents already. You stinker. Wait for me!”

Elsa heard Anna dash away. She tried to hide the burst of frost on her blanket as Anna beat on her door.

Her room was cozy for the winter. She liked winter though they didn't let her play like she wanted to. She didn't deserve to since she hurt her sister so badly.

Elsa went to her door and peaked outside. Anna had left a pine bough with a ribbon tied to it and a small, lumpily-wrapped present next to her door.

Looking both ways she quickly pulled them inside and locked the door.
She put the pine bough by the window and sat on the bed looking at the present for a long time.

Finally, she tugged on the ribbon.

Elsa saw the note and knew what it said even if she couldn't read the childish scrawl of her little sister through the tears that were forming.

Elsa could only hug the snowman doll close, flop onto her pillows and cry her heart out, the tears freezing to her pillow as a gentle snow fell in her room.

She loved her sister so much but could never answer that question, ever.
Author’s Note: An interesting bit of Norse lore is that Odin would come bearing gifts riding a reindeer for the Winter solstice.
Loved - Winter Solstice
Presents! Okay this should have been done for Christmas but wasn't.

Personally 2014 was a better year then any of the last few years I have lived through. 

We started this year living with my sister, in a partial renovated house. We had a working stove, but the sink and cabinets were still out in the garage. They were remodeling so they could sell the house so they could go on a mission before their health went too far south. But family emergencies around the country kept interrupting the work. We were literally cutting the new vinyl flooring went one of their children called for help. We rolled it up, shoved it through the window, rolled it out, placed the stove on it and they left.

My wife was recovering from her total hip replacement surgery.

To help my progress in trying to find a new job they were putting me through school at the local state university. I had earned a Web Design Certificate, and was finishing up an Entrepreneurship Certificate. 

That wasn’t going too badly, I was nominated for an award, which I didn’t win, but I am sure they won’t forget my presentation. If only for the fact that I ended and then the timer went off. 

One of the more interesting experiences was an assignment: Describe your greatest achievement but cast it in the light of what others did for you to get you to that place. An incident jumped to mind, but nope, I didn’t want to speak that one out loud. I thought of three other things I would rather talk about, but then he said. “You should go with whatever came to mind first, that is best.” I knew then that I had to. We had been together for a couple of classes as a group and shared other classes too, it was safe enough.

For one of the other students, it was getting up again and going to school again after losing everything. For another, it getting out of the abusive relationship she was in. 

Then it was my turn. It didn’t take long before I was weeping. There was sadness in those words but also anger, but mainly just pain. All to help a friend I’d never met. 

Most of the way through the girl who had gotten out of the abusive relationship comforted me. The Marine said, “I have to go after that!?”

The professor wrote he “f***ing loved it!” on the hand in stars and all.

A small part of me was reveling in the fact I had devastated them, but it was beyond exhausting and I was glad for the long bus ride home.

But all in all, it seemed more and more obvious that Colorado was no longer the place for us to be. 

My sister and her husband were back and were working on the house again. Putting pressure on us to get a move on. I would have loved to but there was nothing in my power to do that change that. None of my resumes got me an interview anymore, no one I knew was hiring, and we had no friends nearby.

Our future horizon we could see kept getting shorter and shorter. Trying to imagine what next week was like was a complete mystery and where I wanted to be in five years was a impossible task. We had no stability. On Maslow’s hierarchy of needs we were not even completely filing in the bottom level. Yet somehow I kept writing. The one happy place I could make. It was all in God’s hands.

Then my wife’s sister called to say that her friend was going to Alaska for the summer and needed someone to watch the house and pets. So in like a week we packed up what we could and moved. It wasn’t a job, as we weren’t even being paid but it was a place to stay for the summer at least. 

The Mother-In-Law took me to Employment services and I got a job at a thrift store, it was a minimum wage, part-time, no benefits ObamaJob, but it was something. It was not fun, the first day I had to leave the floor so I didn’t do something precipitous with a customer that was throwing just about every red flag I knew for being an abuser. It wasn’t our place to deal with that, just try and sell the stuff. Then I upset a coworker for changing things around to make it easier to clean up after customers, but then we rearranged things to be even better, even ignoring some minor rules to make the clocks display better. 

Then an old college friend of my wife’s, well her husband’s company was hiring so I gave him a resume and I got an interview. It went well and they offered me a full-time job at twice the wage I was making at the thrift store, of course I jumped at it. The thrift store was happy I had found a real job, and I was glad to be gone from that job after just a week.

It was so odd, I felt no emotional connection to getting the job. I could not care, and after all the stress, pain and humiliation of my job search, I did not dare care about this one.

So come Monday I went to my new job, set up a computer for myself and started training. It was drinking from the firehose but I got a handle on things. I noticed that they needed an Exchange server to do some testing, so I set one up, and now I am the resident expert on that stuff. As I learn things I write them down and put them on the website and it seems to be helping. 

We found an apartment as the summer ended and my sister brought out our stuff, which we are still unpacking. 

For my 90-day review, my manager said he wasn’t sure what he was getting for a worker when he hired me, but he is so glad to have gotten me. He was gushing over all the things I had done and gave me a 13% raise, the second largest I’ve ever had. He gushed about how wonderful I am to my wife at the company Christmas party.

We celebrated Great-grandmother’s 99th birthday.

This was a good year, even though it was not the kind of year I imagined it would be. Sometimes God takes control and things get better for no reason at all. Hang in there everyone, 2015 is going to a ride.


Knight with a Shiny Keyboard
United States
I am a writer. I deeply enjoy writing fan fiction, mostly Disney right now. I write deep epic stories, that are very intimate and rich in detail.

Major Stories:
I have two major stories at this time:
Rapunzel Goes Home…
Which tries to fill in all the gaps at the end of Disney's "Tangled" so the happy ending makes sense, to me at least.
Where I deal with the aftereffects of the happy ending that Princess Aurora from Disney's "Sleeping Beauty" had.
Here is a page with links to all the audio versions of the chapters

My Internet family (who knew this kind of love could develop via text):
:iconlisha3398: My idaughter. A strong writer, warrior, princess, and super-genius Epic Hero.
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