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I have a dream of creating a film for Pixar and/or Disney. I have a little idea of how it is done so…

Now that I have a job again I can spend a little money on self-improvement. So I picked up a new book called "Storyboarding Essentials." 

While my drawing skills are not great that is not the point in storyboarding, it is all about the storytelling. 

While the authors say that storyboarding has it's roots in animation, I'm thinking that the seed came from comic books which does much the same thing, though with some different techniques because of what the medium is trying to do.

This looks very interesting because from the pages I sampled in the bookstore it seemed to be much more then a dry, factual exposition of how to storyboard something. It takes about scripts and what they go through even before the storyboard artist sees it. It has a rather different view of scripts then say "Save the Cat" does, which is the current bible on the topic of creating a script.

The first couple of chapters taught me a lot of what the process of film creation is really like. The Assistant Director figures out how the shots are to be set up, which is one point of view. The Production Assistant has the job of figuring out what is needed to be in place to get the shot.

It has a chapter subsection called Difference of Opinion, where two storyboard artists take the same scene and lay it out. This shows dramatically that you really don't have to worry about people stealing your ideas. Two people took the exact same page of script and ended up with vastly different stories. So it doesn't matter if someone steals your idea, they are going to do it vastly different from you. Wasn't that was early Dreamworks did when they were basically doing knockoffs of Pixar's ideas? An idea for an adventure about fish or insects and we saw how vastly different the end results were. 

Okay, so I've found a good book on scriptwriting "Save the Cat" though I will probably need a book specifically on script formatting at some point.
Now a good book on storyboarding.
I need to find a good book on cinematography and on editing which are two major realms on filmmaking I know little about. Plus something on the day to day work of film production.
However I found this which is a cool YouTube series.
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Knight with a Shiny Keyboard
United States
I am a writer. I deeply enjoy writing fan fiction, mostly Disney right now. I write deep epic stories, that are very intimate and rich in detail.

Major Stories:
I have two major stories at this time:
Rapunzel Goes Home…
Which tries to fill in all the gaps at the end of Disney's "Tangled" so the happy ending makes sense, to me at least.
Where I deal with the aftereffects of the happy ending that Princess Aurora from Disney's "Sleeping Beauty" had.
Here is a page with links to all the audio versions of the chapters

My Internet family (who knew this kind of love could develop via text):
:iconlisha3398: My idaughter. A strong writer, warrior, princess, and super-genius Epic Hero.
:icondarkhistorian: My idaughter. A tough writer, warrior, princess, and super-genius Epic Hero.
:iconhipeoples73: My idaughter. A princess and hero.
:iconawesome8x: My ison. A knight in shining armor.
:iconmudstarmord-sith: My ikid sister, with an amazing imagination and a beautiful heart and soul.


More Greatness in dA:
:iconprincessespurpose: have the hearts of true princesses.
:iconimaginative-light77: has a great Hunchback of Notre Dame fan fiction.
:iconravenwritingclaw: has some great Peanuts and Disney fan fiction.

Listen to the Rapunzel Goes Home (extended edition) Audiobook:…

Other places to find me on the net:

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