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Don’t Feel

“Please, stop. Just stop, please.” Elsa wept under her covers looking at her gloved hands, she could feel the ice on the inside of her gloves. It was going everywhere. She could see the light of her powers leaking around the seams and edges of the glove. Right now it felt like a a giant rumbling thunderstorm crashing through her soul.
When she was a kid her powers had been fun, until she had almost killed her sister. Then she had had to start to earn to control it better, to hide it, so she could keep her sister safe.
Elsa didn’t want to hurt Anna, she didn’t want to hurt anyone, but now her powers were so strong they would burst from her hands, shoot across the room and freeze the walls.
Now hiding in her bed in the middle of the night, Elsa felt less in control of her powers than ever. She briefly considered cutting off her hands, but knowing she could also emit magic from her feet, she figured it would probably do no good in helping her control it and definitely would not get rid of it. She knew her powers were deeper then her hands and feet.
Could she be a good queen without hands and feet? Maybe, but Anna deserved a sister that was better then her and making herself that way would just make her a greater burden on her family.
Elsa felt like such a fool, there was no way for her not to hurt someone. She flopped back and her head poked out from under her blanket. Her room was lit up, but not by magic.
The sky was awake. Of course it was. The aurora was like a knife in her chest. Mocking her, reminding her that on a night not so difference from this she almost killed her sister.
Elsa didn’t want to be a bad person, but she didn’t know how not to hurt people anymore. She shuttered to think what a blast of magic like the one she had released would do to a person.
Why her?
Why did she have powers?
Why did she have powers at all?
She had snuck into the library many times to find some clue as to why she had powers, but there was nothing, that she could understand at least. There was so little understanding of magic. The trolls could do things, like remove her ice magic from Anna and make sky paintings with the aurora. There were fairies far to the South that seemed able to do magic. Then there were the various wizards and fairy godmothers or whatever they call themselves that could seem to do practically anything.
She knew she couldn’t do just anything with her magic, though the things she could do were neat. They seemed limited to snow and ice.
She wondered how they did it. What she read talked about wands. She wondered if the magic was part of the wand and not the person. Even Maleficent seemed to use a staff.
That made her different yet again. Was there no one in the world that could even come close to understanding her? What it was like to be a girl with magic powers?
Anna loved her even if she didn’t have powers like she did. Elsa missed that so much. To just be accepted would be something. Her parents loved her but it wasn’t the same.
That reminded her about something that her father had said, getting upset just made it worse.
He was right about that. He was right about a lot of things.
Somehow maybe she just had to find a way to not to become upset. She wasn’t sure how to do that, but somehow she just had to. Maybe if she never got upset again she’d never hurt anyone.
She reached out and felt around which was difficult with the gloves on, finally finding her doll. The doll of her precious little sister.
“It’s okay Anna. I’m going to get better and I’ll be able to keep you safe from me. I’ll never get upset again.”
Elsa hugged the doll close. She wanted to weep, but knew she shouldn’t let herself get upset, so she didn’t.
Don't Feel
Elsa gave up human touch and now something else.    
Going to Hell

“I am coming with you.” Ariel snarled, but another bout of vomiting overcame her as she bent over the bowl Eric held before her. He kept her bright red hair out of the way as she had a hand on her throat and the other around her belly.
There was a certain amount of routine in it now, in the days that had passed since the morning sickness had begun. They had bowls deployed around the bed chamber and he usually woke up before her and had a bowl ready.
They had been arguing over this ever since Chedrick had come. Eric knew he just had to wait, while Ariel might be strong enough during the day this morning sickness was draining and noisy. She was more adamant then even no that Aunt Rapunzel and her family had arrived. Ariel knew what that meant.
Catching her breathe she panted, “I will not be left behind as my family goes off to fight. I love you.”
“I love you too, but can’t you stay here and keep the newest member of our family safe, please.”
“I was strong enough to take on Ursula.”
“You were and you won. Now it is my turn.” Her mouth quirked and he held out the bowl again.
“I need to be with you.” She said once the vomiting had stopped.
“I know you do, I need you too, so much. I need you here to bring me home.”
She ducked her head.
“Besides I know you’ve been talking to Grimsby about what hell is like. Do you really want to take our baby there?” He was using the last, best argument he had.
She shook her head and shivered. He held he bowl up but she didn’t need it this time. “Father said the underworld is a terrible place but hell is the worst of it.
“Why do you make me make these terrible decisions? I thought we would have our happy ending now.” She looked so dejected with her hands in her lap.
“I’m sorry. It looks like we have another adventure first. Besides, endings come at the end and we are just starting our lives.”
She smiled a little at him for that. Then she had dry heaves until she was left shaking and weak.
“I want to come with you but I can’t,” she whispered looking into the swirl of vomit in the bowl in Eric’s hand. “I would have given anything before, but I know that price would be too high to pay.” She looked up and put a hand on his arm. “Go save your family. Just try to not take too long.”
“I will.”

# # #

They were on the dock, Eric in armor and Chedrick in wizard robes. There were packs for each of them and save for a few others it was empty as guards sealed the area.
“Aunt Rapunzel, Uncle Eugene thank you for being my family until I was ready for this. I will get them. I love you.” Said Eric.
“We love you too. I know you will, Eric. You are a good boy and we are proud of you.” Said Rapunzel, hugging her sister’s son.
“I can’t think of a better person on the path to hell.” Said Eugene, joining in the hug.
They chuckled at the humor of that.
“Grimbsy. Carlotta. Thank you for always being here for me too. I love you both.”
“Thank you, your Highness… er, Eric.” Grimsby said correcting himself after a look from Eric.
“Thank you, Eric. Good luck. I know you can do it.” Said Carlotta. Eric interrupted her curtsy with a hug.
Then he came to his wife and they touched foreheads for a while before holding each other tightly and Ariel kissed him desperately. Eric could taste a hint of acid on her tongue but he didn’t, couldn’t care.
“I love you.” They whispered to each other as tears ran down.
“Thank you, Mom, Dad.” Said Chedrick to Rapunzel and Eugene.
“We are proud of you son and we love you so much.”
“I love you more.”
“We love you most.” Came from the family hug.
Finally, they took deep breathes and separated. Chedrick settled his hat, hefted his magic staff and slung his pack. Eric belted on his sword and pulled on his gauntlets before slinging a pack over his shoulders. They had split the difference of going heavily armed and armored or not. Then nodded to Ariel.
She went to the side of the dock. “Daddy. We’re ready.”
King Triton rose up on a wave. “You are the bravest people I have ever met. You are sure about this?”
“Absolutely.” Eric and Chedrick said together.
“Very well. Since Persephone just arrived, I was able to get some valuble information about hell. I know where to send you. At least pretty close. The real question is getting back…”
Chedrick nodded, “I am pretty sure we can get back once you show me the way in.”
“In is easy, getting back is the hard part.” Triton warned.
“I know it.” Chedrick said.
Triton nodded his response then aimed the Trident of Poseidon at the end of the dock and caused a swirling portal to appear.
Chedrick went to it and ran his hand over it. His staff spilled sparkles as he inspected the magic. “Yes, I see. Thank you. I am sure to be able to get us back.”
Ariel gave a hiccup of happiness and hugged her husband again. “Good luck.”
After another kiss, Eric put on his helmet and they took their places before the portal.
“Have fun assaulting hell.” Eugene called.
The two men looked at each other, nodded and stepped through, then the portal vanished with a pop.
“Oh, Daddy. Do you think they’ll make it back?” Ariel threw herself at her father.
“I don’t know, but they are good men in hell, and that will make a difference.” He said as he held his daughter.
“Daddy. I’m pregnant. They say I’ll be giving birth next summer.”
“Giving birth?”
“Yes, like a dolphin.”
“A dolphin? But that takes so long. What about laying your eggs in a nice nest?”
“You made me completely human, so I have to do it the human way.”
“Oh yeah, I did. How it is going?”
Ariel ducked her head. “They say it is mostly normal, though the throwing up is a bit much.”
“Throwing up?” King Triton asked.
Rapunzel stepped up, “It’s where the food she ate comes back out through her mouth. It happens to women often during pregnancy.” Having been introduced to the King of the Ocean had been pretty interesting earlier, now it was nice to talk a little.
“Oh. She’ll be okay, right?” said King Triton.
“Yes, we’re making sure she is well cared for. She’ll be fine.” Rapunzel assured him.
“Good.” He said. Then he looked around, “You are still happy here?”
“Yes, Daddy I am. These are good people.”
“I see that now. I think I might as well get back to Atlantica. I love you my daughter.”
“I love you too, Daddy.” Said Ariel and after one last hug the king of the ocean left and the other returned to the castle.
Loved - The Report

Elsa heard the latch click as she locked herself in her room. That had been close. Anna was everywhere it seemed like. Elsa had had to lead Anna on a chase all around the castle to gain enough of a lead to get into her room. It had been kinda fun actually.
Elsa leaned her back against the door as she let her breathing calm. She was going to have to talk to the glover again. She had grown more and the gloves were getting tight again. Why couldn’t she control it anymore? She so needed the gloves but her parents believed she didn’t really need them. They were encouraging her to not use them so much. Her room was a safe enough place for her to take them off however. The one place she could be herself, at least a little.
Elsa pulled off her gloves and threw them onto her desk.They landed next to the barely eaten plate of food from this morning. She noticed her to-do list on her desk and groaned. She closed her eyes, leaned back onto the door, and put her head on it. There was so much to do and she had had to waste so much time protecting her sister from herself. She had to get ready.
There was the upcoming visit from an ambassador and she needed to read up on their customs. He was from a faraway land that was very particular about things. She didn’t want to start a war by doing something that might offend them.
She was behind on her reading for her tutor. He had set her a large amount of homework and there was a test in a couple of days and she wasn’t ready.
Mom was talking about going to visit her sister and was wondering if she wanted to come. As if being away from home into front of strangers that would be watching her since she was a visiting princess would make even more vital to be in control over her powers. She wanted to go to Corona so much. It was so beautiful and friendly there.
Her stomach was churning again and her middle felt so tight, but she just had to focus. She took a breathe to try and center herself.
“Most important thing first.” She whispered to herself to try and get some control over her life. The ambassador was tomorrow that was coming up first so she was focus on that. She picked up a couple of reference books and sat down by the window to read.
She opened the factual book first and read up on the products of that kingdom. She lost herself in the facts and figures. Their annual production of iron, salt, cured meats and fish, for a start, just to get a baseline of what they had to offer compared to what Arendelle had to offer the world. It was a competitive analysis but as good a place to start as any. She concluded they were better in something then others but on balance not terribly different.
Digging further she did a cooperative analysis. What things did Arendelle had in abundance that they lacked and vice versa? What could they offer each other that would help the other. This was more difficult but something father had taught her as important in trade negotiations. It wasn’t as important what you could get from a trade partner but what you could give.
She wasn’t so sure about this one. They had a solid trade partner in Weselton, but she didn’t like the weasel faced little duke that ruled there. He seemed far to interested in what he could take and not what he could give. However, father had told her that the duke had underestimated the value some of the trade goods had in Arendelle and that made up for some of the attitude. Still attitude was important, she thought.
Elsa scribbled a few notes to sum up her findings so she could present them to her father and her recommendations. She sighed, she was growing up but she knew only her father valued her judgement. They had a small council that discussed such things with the king and she was invited as often as she could go. Then she remembered that father had wanted her to tell the council about this kingdom, this afternoon. She glanced at the clock, her breathe caught, but it was okay, she had a couple of hours. She could whip up a summary in that time. All she had to do was talk about the major factors of a trade agreement and her recommendations. She was halfway there anyway.
She grabbed up the other book, went over to her desk and flipped to that part of the world where that kingdom resided.
“Oh stop that.” She fussed at her hands as the corners of the book began to frost over a little. She had to get this done. It shouldn’t take long, but she didn’t have time for the ink to freeze. She shoved the ink pot a little further away with her quill, which also had curls of frost on it.
“Control it.” She putt everything down and put her hands around her belly as she tried to read the book of cultural observations that had been complied. After setting the stage with a description of the landscape, which sounded rather harsh and forbidding, to Elsa. It spoke of the royal family and what they were like, who came off as stern and particularly interested in honor. There were a number of reports on the daily life of families of various sorts, who sounded ordinary enough.
Then there was a report by a Venetian merchant of what he saw happened to a girl her own age. She had to stop to look up a word, and then another. Then she spun away from the book.
How could anyone do that to a girl?
She might have even had powers, but that was terrible. She walked away from her desk and wrung her hands. What had happened there was wrong, it was long ago but would probably still happen. She could never go there. They would try to do those things to her.
She stopped and looked at her hands as she felt them tingle in a new way.
Then a blast of light and icy cold materialized between her hands, sped across the room and splashed curls of hard frost all over the wall and door.
“Mama! Papa!” Elsa cried. She dove for her gloves and crammed her hands into the only safety she knew she still had.
Loved - The Report
The build up to the scene when Elsa finds her powers growing stronger.
You can learn important lessons from the most diverse places. I have a book on typography that is amazing, because of the passion and insight of the author-designer. I try to find and read great books, and while the process of finding them is often difficult, sometimes you come across true treasures.

"Drawn To Life vol1" by Walt Stanchfield is a great book.

I was looking for a book on drawing because I want to learn how to draw storyboards, a useful if secondary skill when becoming a director. 

Walt spent decades at Disney, animating and giving master classes. I rather wish I was good enough at something that I could give a master class on the subject, but anyway. Really I am not in his target market, they already know how to draw, they just need focus and refinement. I have some clue, given that I took a drafting class in high school, but these are to people who drew all the time and well enough to become animators at Disney.

He talks about how animation is often about caricature, stretching and squashing things to their limits, drawing actions, animating verbs and not nouns. It goes back to show vs tell, but he puts some nuance on the subject.

I think as a writer I have done that with my characters as well, but in different ways. Not in shape but emotion. For myself I often get caught up in the emotion of what I write (which has certain downsides) but I try to feel it as strongly as I can so I can have the character express it as powerfully as I can. 

Sure I can write "He was sad."
But you don't feel it. However, if I write something more like, "He took a short sharp breathe. He shut his eyes and tried to suck the wetness on his eyeballs back inside. He dared not think. He picked up the pen and began to unscrew it. It took moments but he soon field stripped it and then reassembled it, counting each simple so as not to think, or remember how much it hurt to hear the barking of a dog and it was not Charlie, and never would be again."
While we can relate to sad, we can relate more deeply to the feelings and actions of a character.

I read so I can take a few hours to learn lessons it took others decades to learn. 


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